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ALL STARS WEEK 2 - 16 May 2021


6 x groups of players; 1 x Group leader per group (6 in total); 1 x Station leader per station (6 in total).

Reception (Flag Name R)

Year 1A (Flag Name 1)

Year 1B (Flag Name 1) Both groups to meet at Flag 1

Year 2A (Flag Name 2)

Year 2B (Flag Name 2) Both groups to meet at Flag 2

Year 3 (Flag Name 3)

Warm up: Volcanoes and Craters (5 Mins)

6 stations - 1 for each group.


● Get ready for action

● Different whole-body movements

● Teamwork


Balls & Cones x 30 per station.


Encourage all players to sanitise! There will be sanitation facilities at each station.

Activity 1: Avoid the Alien (2 Stations, Reception & Year 3 start here after the warm up).


● Watch and hit a moving ball with a free swing of the bat

● Watch and catch or stop a ball


For each group of 3 (1 bat, 5 balls, 4 cones)


● In groups of 3, one batting, one bowling under arm (Helpers may need to step in for the younger age groups) and one fielding

● One run awarded for hitting the ball through the first scoring zone

● Four runs awarded for hitting the ball through the second scoring zone

● Fielders attempt to stop the ball from going through the zones

● After six attempts, swap roles

Activity 2: Orbit Bowling (2 Stations, Year 1A and Year 1B start here after the warm up).


Straight arm when bowling

Co-ordinate body movements for bowling action


Balls, Stumps & Ropes


● Set up a circle using ropes or cones that is an appropriate size to challenge the group

● Players work in pairs with their partners stood directly opposite them across the circle

● To start the activity pairs bowl using a star shape and straight arm across the circle

● Introduce sets of stumps into the middle of the circle and ask players to knock them down as a group

● Once all stumps are knocked down the group put them back up and repeat

Activity 3: Around the Milky Way (2 Stations, Year 2A and Year 2B start here after the warm up).


● Different whole-body movements

● Watch and catch a ball

● Throw a ball

● Teamwork


Balls, Cones


● Lay out lots of stars as gates using cones

● In pairs, players have to visit each star and pass the ball back and forth to complete two catches

● Set time limits to see how many catches can be completed

● Get pairs to think about their route

2 x Activity 1

2 x Activity 2

2 x Activity 3

Reception & Year 3: Activity 1 > Activity 2 > Activity 3 (15 mins + water break)

Year 1A & Year 1B: Activity 2 > Activity 3 > Activity 1 (15 mins + water break)

Year 2A & Year 2B: Activity 3 > Activity 1 > Activity 2 (15 mins + water break)

Ask for feedback and find out if players enjoyed themselves!

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