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ALL STARS WEEK 3 - 23 May 2021


6 x groups of players; 1 x Group leader per group (6 in total); 1 x Station leader per station (6 in total).

Reception (Flag Name R)

Year 1A (Flag Name 1)

Year 1B (Flag Name 1) Both groups to meet at Flag 1

Year 2A (Flag Name 2)

Year 2B (Flag Name 2) Both groups to meet at Flag 2

Year 3 (Flag Name 3)

Warm up: Space Invaders (5 Mins)

6 stations - 1 for each group.


● Get ready for action

● Different whole-body movements

● Teamwork


Balls & Cones - 4 squares for groups, 20 balls in the middle


In small teams, one at a time, players take turns to steal balls from the middle and return to their planet

Once all balls are taken from the middle, teams can steal balls from other planets

The team with the most balls on their planet wins

Activity 1: Rocket Fuel Batting (2 Stations, Reception & Year 3 start here after the warm up).


● Watch and hit a moving ball with a free swing of the bat

● Run between the wickets

● Stop, catch, throw!

● Teamwork


For each group of 3 (1 bat, 6 balls, 2 ropes, 4 cones, 6 balls)


● One batting team and one fielding team

● Waiting batters take part in catching challenges with a volunteer until last ball is hit

● Batter hits four balls in a row as far as they can

● After last ball, they complete as many runs as possible

● Fielders must remain behind a safety line

● Fielders cannot move until last ball is hit

● Fielders return all balls to bowler to stop batter running

● Both teams bat

Activity 2: Bowl a Goal (2 Stations, Year 1A and Year 1B start here after the warm up).


Straight arm when bowling

Co-ordinate body movements for bowling action


Balls & cones


● Create goals using cones for each pair to bowl at

● Ropes can also help provide a target to land ball

● In pairs, one bowler and one wicketkeeper

● Bowl six balls and swap over

Activity 3: Clean your planet (2 Stations, Year 2A and Year 2B start here after the warm up).


● Watch and stop a ball then throw it

● Make quick decisions

● Teamwork


Balls, Cones, ropes


● Two teams

● Activator shouts ‘Go’, and players on both teams roll or underarm throw their balls to their opposition’s planet

● Play should continue until the call of ‘Stop’

● The team with the fewest balls on their planet are the winners

● After several rounds, bowling can be introduced

2 x Activity 1

2 x Activity 2

2 x Activity 3

Reception & Year 3: Activity 1 > Activity 2 > Activity 3 (15 mins + water break)

Year 1A & Year 1B: Activity 2 > Activity 3 > Activity 1 (15 mins + water break)

Year 2A & Year 2B: Activity 3 > Activity 1 > Activity 2 (15 mins + water break)

Ask for feedback and find out if players enjoyed themselves!

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