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ALL STARS WEEK 6 - 13 June 2021


6 x groups of players; 1 x Group leader per group (4 in total)

Reception (Flag Name R)

Year 1A and Year 1B (Flag Name 1)

Year 2A and Year 2B (Flag Name 2)

Year 3 (Flag Name 3)

Warm up: Yes, No Wait

6 stations - 1 for each group.


● Get ready for action

● Run between the wickets in straight lines

Develop sliding the bat over the line

● Respond to calls and make decisions

Activity 1: Deep Space batting

Players play as one batter, 4-6 fielders and a wicketkeeper

Fielders start on a cone and aredesignated a ball each to field

The activator feeds the balls to the batter who hits each ball and the designated fielder comes out from the cone, chases the ball and run it back into the Activator

The activator feeds the balls quickly so all fielders are out at the same time, once all four are delivered the batter can run to score as many as they can

If the batter misses the ball, the wicketkeeper retrieves it and throws it into the playing area to be fielded

After playing one round players rotate with the wicketkeeper becoming the batter

Activity 2: Rapid Rocket Bowling

Activity 3

Reception & Year 3: Activity 1 > Activity 2 > Activity 3 (15 mins + water break)

Year 1A & Year 1B Activity 2 > Activity 3 > Activity 1 (15 mins + water break)

Year 2A & Year 2B: Activity 3 > Activity 1 > Activity 2 (15 mins + water break)

Ask for feedback and find out if players enjoyed themselves!

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