Dynamos WEEK 5

Updated: May 7

Plan: 4 x groups of players; 1 x Group Leader per group (4 in total) plus 1 x Coach per group (4 in total). Total of 8 Leaders/Coaches.

1. ‘Team Juggling’ - warm up / fielding activity

  1. groups of 4/5 in a circle of cones

  2. roll or throw the ball to each other - DON’T JUST THROW TO YOUR FRIEND!

  3. get everyone to move 1 or 2 cones to the left and then to the right

  4. follow your throw and go to the cone the catcher was on

  5. add an extra ball - good luck!

  6. cones and complexity permitting, we may have an outer circle of cones too

  7. calls from the coach:

■ roll

■ throw

■ move 1 or 2 cones to the left

■ move 1 or 2 cones to the right

■ follow your throw, move to the cone you’ve just thrown to

■ inner circle / outer circle

2. ‘Bat to the Sides’- groups of 6-10 - playing cross bat shots, the pull (likely) and square cut (unlikely)

  1. demonstrate the shots

  2. one batter

  3. one bowler/feeder (need to bowl short - coaches may need to step in to give batter a chance)

  4. everyone else fielding - most on the leg side including a wicketkeeper

  5. have targets for scoring points

  6. 5-10 goes each then rotate clockwise

■ FIELDERS - it’s a soft ball, it won’t hurt!

3. Game of Countdown Cricket

Warm Up / Fielding:


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