Dynamos WEEK 6

Updated: May 7

Plan: 4 x groups of players; 1 x Group Leader per group (4 in total) plus 1 x Coach per group (4 in total). Total of 8 Leaders/Coaches.

  1. Team Juggling’ - warm up / fielding activity

  2. groups of 4/5 in a circle of cones

  3. roll or throw the ball to each other - DON’T JUST THROW TO YOUR FRIEND!

  4. get everyone to move 1 or 2 cones to the left and then to the right

  5. follow your throw and go to the cone the catcher was on

  6. add an extra ball - good luck!

  7. cones and complexity permitting, we may have an outer circle of cones too

  8. calls from the coach:

■ roll

■ throw

■ move 1 or 2 cones to the left

■ move 1 or 2 cones to the right

■ follow your throw, move to the cone you’ve just thrown to

■ inner circle / outer circle

2. ‘Hit the Spot Bowling - simple session, bowling within a grid of ropes and cones

  1. row of bowlers, row of wicketkeepers

  2. bowlers join the back of the row wicketkeepers and wicketkeepers join the back of the row of bowlers

  3. aim is to pitch the ball, first bounce, in the grid and hit the stumps

  4. scoring system up to you but perhaps:

■ 10 points - pitching in the grid & hitting the stumps

■ 5 points - pitching in the grid

■ 3 points - missing the grid but hitting the stumps

3. Game of Countdown Cricket

Warm Up / Fielding:


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