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Moormead is at risk!

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Welcome to Moormead Cricket Club


Providing local boys and girls (5-13) with a fun introduction to cricket

We follow the ECB AllStars and Dynamos programmes and also have teams in the Middlesex hard ball and soft ball leagues


All Stars Club of the Year 2019!

A fun introduction to cricket

Sessions last 60 minutes and focus on fun activities to practice all the skills your child needs to play cricket.


Each activity focuses on a specific skill (e.g batting, bowling, catching, throwing etc) and all the time we are re-enforcing the importance of teamwork, communication and the spirit of cricket.

It's a great way for your child to stay active and learn some new skills in a fun relaxed environment.

We encourage parents to stay for the session, bring a picnic / brunch and feel free to join in!

We're also members of the local hard ball league, follow our progress here

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  • We have All Stars sessions for boys and girls from Reception to Year 3

  • Dynamos for boys and girls aged 8-11 (Year 3 [who've previously done All Stars] and all Years 4 to 6)

  • Opportunity for U9/10/11/12's to play in the local league

  • Sunday am sessions start Sunday 7th May 2023

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