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🚨 Urgent action re Thames Water Scheme at Moormead 

See our formal response letter here

As many of you know MMCC are deeply worried about the impact that the proposed Thames Water river abstraction scheme will have on our pitch and home at Moormead. 

As a club we are certainly not against general infrastructure improvements, but we are very concerned Thames Water have not properly considered all the available options or the unprecedented disruption this scheme will have on our cricket club and recreational activity in the area. 


We believe Moormead is an incredibly poor choice of location on a number of levels. It is already a highly contentious site because of the ongoing battle to update our dilapidated pavilion!


In terms of undertaking a serious large scale infrastructure project, including digging a shaft for tunnelling equipment, Moormead is hemmed in by a weak bridge, narrow roads, protected trees, a river and a railway line. 


Aside from the obvious environmental factors, the river abstraction scheme brings with it child safety concerns as a road is proposed through the park land for HGVs. In fact, generally there is poor vehicle access and subsequent concerns over air quality and pollution.


There is proposed nighttime construction work bringing light pollution and noise, and overall high levels of disruption to all recreational activity for members of the public, sports clubs and school PE lessons. 


Please do have a look at the TDRA scheme and seek out your own opinions.


The single biggest impact we can have as a club is to strongly urge you all to fill in the official consultation form below and give your opinion as part of the public consultation process.


The money we spend on our water tariffs is ultimately what will pay for this project so it must have public scrutiny.

The opportunity to have your say ends on December 11th 2023.


Link below. 



Thank you. 

Tom Bird
MMCC Chairman

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