Volunteer run for local kids

Founded in 2017 Moormead CC is aimed at establishing a grass roots cricket club starting with juniors. It's entirely run by volunteers with all proceeds going towards the equipment for the kids and help supporting the pavilion restoration.

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Our values


Participating should enhance people’s natural enjoyment of cricket and sport


Everyone can enjoy and grow through teamwork, social aspects and personal development that cricket can provide

Fair & Respectful 

Respect for your fellow teammates, coaches and club supporting them to your utmost in your endeavours. We believe in these aspects especially towards our competitors.


Giving our all and every endeavour rather than solely focusing on results. We encourage all children, volunteers and coaches to give their best efforts to the sport and club.

Need-to-Know Info


Closet station is St Margaret's station, parking is available on local roads at the weekend



Questions? Please feel free to reach out
to the MMCC Team



We adhere to the ECB safeguarding policies and procedures

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