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AllStars Week 1 - 9 May 2021


6 x groups of players; 1 x Group leader per group (6 in total); 1 x Station leader per station (6 in total).

Reception (Flag Name R)

Year 1 (Flag Name 1)

Year 2A (Flag Name 2A)

Year 2B (Flag Name 2B)

Year 3A (Flag Name 3A)

Year 3B (Flag Name 3B)

Warm up: Head, Shoulders, Knees, Ball (5 Mins)

6 stations - 1 for each group.


Warm up, Fast Reactions, Listening, Competition.


Balls & Cones (COVID-19 restrictions mean one ball and one cone per player).


Encourage all players to sanitise! There will be sanitation facilities at each station.

All Stars find a partner and start facing each other either side of two cones with a ball on top of each. A few yards behind each All Star is another cone

All Stars touch body parts as instructed by activator (Head, Shoulders, Knees)

When they hear ‘cone’ they race around the cone behind them

When they hear ‘ball’ they race to pick up the ball quicker than their partner.

Have several games to get the players warmed up.

Activity 1: The Space Race (2 Stations, Reception & Year 1 start here after the warm up).


Watch and hit a moving ball with a free swing of the bat.


Ball, Bat, Cones, Layout


● Players need to visit as many ‘planets’ (sets of cones) as possible by dribbling the ball with their bat

● Players can visit the planets in any order ?

● Activator should aim to get as many players moving as possible ?

● With more space, include more planets?

Activity 2: Star Shapes (2 Stations, Year 2A and Year 2B start here after the warm up).


Straight arm when bowling

Co-ordinate body movements for bowling action


Balls, Ropes


● Players start holding a ball at a start line with a bowling line 5-10 metres away and two target lines beyond that.

● On the call of “Go” players can move forward towards the bowling line.

● When the activator shouts ”Stars” the players jump into a side on ”star shape” with the ball in their outside hand and other hand facing forward.

● If any players don’t get into a star shape within an allotted time they go back to the start line.

● Once the players reach the bowling line they must jump into the star shape and bowl the ball with a straight arm.

Activity 3: Star Skills (2 Stations, Year 3A and Year 3B start here after the warm up).


Different whole-body movements

Watch and catch a ball




● Everyone has a ball and follows the leader

● Pass ball around head, waist, knees, ankles

● Figure 8s

● Switch ball from one hand to the other

● Yo-yo - drop ball and catch before it hits the floor

● Throw and catch

● Throw, clap and catch

● Bounce and catch

● Invent your own!

2 x Activity 1

2 x Activity 2

2 x Activity 1

Reception & Year 1: Activity 1 > Activity 2 > Activity 3 (15 mins + water break)

Year 2A & Year 2B: Activity 2 > Activity 3 > Activity 1 (15 mins + water break)

Year 3A & Year 3B: Activity 3 > Activity 1 > Activity 2 (15 mins + water break)

Ask for feedback and find out if players enjoyed themselves!

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